Celebration : Session eight with everyone who could make it!

We had a delightful, close group celebration in the Boardroom at Springhill. A temporary exhibition was assembled to show a selection of works produced during the project all together in one space. It was also an opportunity for all to see and enjoy their achievements, exchange stories and give mutual thanks in a relaxed, safe space.

Beautiful food was provided by the Nanna Mexico mobile facility, for a Burritos feast served to us no less, than by owner, Luis. It was great to see the van parked up front of the house, but out of full sight to avoid temptation and tantalisingly smells drifting across the huts. Just to seal the Burritos bargain, DrawingConnections tokens were exchanged to generate a ‘healthy’ Christmas’ Chocolate Coin reserve for Luis, who enthused about taking part and ‘returning to the NannaMexico roots’.


As the afternoon closed, additional feedback was shared, with repeated thanks and  gifts, irrespective of people’s Religious stance at this time of giving. We now look forward to seeing one another at the Radzinowicz Library exhibition, January 2019 (closing mid March)!

Hope to see some of you there, join us from 2pm Wednesday 30th January 2019, email: crimlibd@hermes.cam.ac.uk if you wish to attend then, or at a later date.


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