“Life is like a photograph: you take a negative and develop it in to something beautiful” Session Seven, with Wig Sayell

It’s like the night before Christmas, as I write this blog before our final session tomorrow. I’m full of excitement and a little apprehension, but to be honest, that is how it goes most weeks; ‘will it be as good as last week’; ‘what if I forget…’ etc. At the end of the day however, week on week, one of the most consistent things has been that no-matter-what, everyone pulls together to make the session work. Every week it is great, never the same as the previous week, but always good in its own way.


The quote in the title is some feedback from the session we had with Wig Sayell last Wednesday, 5th December. Working quite literally through the lens of Photography. Considering perspective and composition. Reflecting on the session now, I can honestly say, it was incredible; in spite of wet weather, we achieved so much and I found a renewed sense and belief in the work we are doing.

Experimenting with slow shutter speeds in the woods and by the pond, albeit damp; drawing with seaside objects in pencil and chalk and on the light box. The pictures speak for themselves, but with a fabulous mobile printer we made proper photographs and I regret didn’t make as many with my pad.

We were joined by collleagues from Cambridge, a former student now working at HMP Huntercombe and Caroline who is supporting us with some formal research of the project in the Spring of 2019.

But for now, we have the celebration.

Tomorrow, 12th December 2018 a small group of us will acknowledge the journeys we have made independently and collectively. The discoveries we have made about ourselves and other people, recognising that more connects us than separates us and that through creativity we walk a path towards positivity, joy and peacefulness.



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