‘Stars from Earth’ : Session Six, Willow Art with Hazel Godfrey

Session Six took another turn on the journey that is DrawingConnections; this week through the thoroughly engaging and enjoyable activity of willow weaving with the captivating Hazel Godfrey.  Hazel’s knowledge of her craft, it’s history and especially bringing resources grown herself, contributed to making this a thoughtful and productive session for all participants.


Most people started by making stars, some got to grips with it straight away, and some well, it took us a couple of attempts! Once, the basic frame was established though, there was no stopping people!


Once the basic form was established, people filled their stars in various and creative ways. Then feeling comfortable with their newly established skills, some went on to create trees, or explore new and imaginative shapes. Hazel commented herself on the imagination of participants in this group, and how those unfamiliar with the material demonstrated to her new ways to push the medium that she had not perhaps considered.



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