‘Words are Love, Words are Life’ : Session Five, Creative Writing with Rebecca Lindum Greene


‘The curious incident of the Pheasant in the classroom’, he was very inquisitive …last week it was dogs running around the field… incidentally, we named him Pentagon (as we were sat round a five sided table) he was stunningly beautiful, with attitude.


Our Creative Writing session with ‘Word Games’, such as Rebecca Lindum Greene’s ‘PoeticalConsequences’, broke the ice. Feedback titles from Participants – ‘Words are love, words are life’; ‘Poetic Justice’; ‘Togetherness’ are an example of those given by participants at the end of the session today.



It was dynamic, stretching across a variety of emotions and challenging each and everyone of us, in many ways:

Firstly, for Rebecca LG, who until now as convener of the project had been managing the sessions, changed her role and became the Artist, letting go of the reigns to allow Hector to take charge of the class. Which he did with great success.



Engaging in new activities which some were not necessarily comfortable with was troubling for some, for many writing itself presented physical and mental barriers; a Prison based participants, who has been leading Yoga sessions with staff led a brief mindfulness activity, which was thoroughly beneficial to many of us there. Then we were joined by the resident Pheasant who was interested in participating. However, we all overcame our personal challenges and in the end it proved to be hugely rewarding. In the words of Hector –

I’d just mention that, in spite all the self-banning /censorship that everyone started with, such as “I’m not a good writer” or “I’m not that creative”, they all managed to produce a fantastic collaborative poem at the end of the session. Some of the participants thought their sentence wasn’t going to fit anywhere within the group, but they all ordered the individual inputs to make sense of it in a fantastic creative way. I’m really impressed at the quality achieved today and the merit they all deserve. Thank you all for participating and making this session possible. 



 The above poems came about following a couple of rounds of Poetical Consequences (which resulted in ridiculous, but amusing outcomes),  the group were asked to write down their Five favourite things. Once done, we went round the room and shared our personal choices; after some discussion everyone was asked to write a line or two independently, and hand the final lines on a piece of paper. Collected together, the lines were then divided at random in to two piles.

The group then separated in half, each group encouraged to work together to arrange the lines in to the preferred order. Et voila, the two masterpieces above (and typed below):

Spiderwebs covered with dew on misty mornings 

In the countryside is where I find myself again,

To regain my thoughts…

To heal my heart…

Dreaming is a big part of me,

It’s who I am,

More than less of half of me

Sleep is love

Sleep is life

Stars so needed so hope giving

The awkwardness is broken by laughter

As walls are broken and light shines through.


. ** X * … : .**. … * .. . Xx … ** .. .. : * X ** … **


Money, money, money

Is so funny

Happiness is sharing

Whatever that may be

Family are the best

They bring me happiness

Close your eyes and fly away

To where your dreams can run and play

Space, bright stars dark sky, moon shining 





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