Let there be Light and ‘Pots of Joy’ : Session Three, with Will Lehmann

This afternoon our session was led by Banbury & Bicester College Pottery Tutor, William Lehmann, it was thoroughly enjoyable and in spite of some initial reservations, once immersed in the environment it was enjoyed by all present.

Will demonstrated the making of a thumb pot, in which to store water during the project, then from that point we set about building ‘coil pots’, but not as you know it. Have a look…

After creating ‘sausages’ of clay, using a toothbrush and water we created texture on the edges, this helped to key the pieces together with slip when we wrapped them round… and now for the coil pots…


The next experiment, was layering ‘plates’ of clay and using embossed wallpaper, beautiful patterns. Sometimes, sculpting shapes and creating vessels of extraordinary imagination.



Now the pots and objects have been formed, they have gone to Banbury & Bicester college for firing, once biscuit fired they will be glazed and refined at 600 degrees C.

We can’t wait to see the finished result… look out for the pictures in 3-4weeks time.

In the meantime we came out of the session to the last vestiges of golden Autumn sunlight, kissing the horizon. #HappyDiwali!


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