Drawing Connections …at the edges. An Exhibition at the Radzinowicz Library, Institute of Criminology, Cambridge, Lent Term 2018


Opening next week!

Please arrange visits 48 hours ahead by emailing crimlib@hermes.cam.ac.uk.


Preparations are underway for the exhibition at the Radzinowicz Library, curated by Librarian, Stuart Stone.

The exhibition will display a selection of the works produced during the Drawing Connections project, September to October 2017.

Work from the first session, in response to the thought provoking talk ‘Trees to Whales’ and our nature walk with Charlotte Synge.

Drawings made during the second session, using vibrant chalk pastels and our non dominant hands, inspired by Manuela Hübner.

Masterpieces created in several colours through Lino cut, encouraged by the talented Alexandra Buckle.

Poetry inspired by the incredible Femi Keeling and shared in words and deeds throughout the project. This I know for sure.

Culminating in our sixth session, shared with family members and friends. Discovering the power of plants, and Persian symbolism to design our green wall with the remarkable Lisa Pearson.

You can find posts for each of the sessions below! Every one unique, but every one exceptional. Gratitude to all those involved, to make it so, every step of the way.



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