Session Three : 27th September 2017

Our Third Session delivered by Alexandra Buckle

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England


Lino cutting is an incredible method to turn someone with little faith in their creative ability into a person making striking pieces of art work, providing them with an overwhelming sense of achievement

We saw this transition happen in our third session.

As in previous weeks, we began the session learning the next three moves of Shibashi   -‘with names like ‘playing with rainbows’ and ‘parting the clouds’, inspiration was at our finger tips!

Alexandra began by introducing the stages of Lino cutting and walked everyone through the processes: drawing directly on to the tiles, then using the relevant tools in the correct way, cutting into the tiles. Then a brief demonstration in inking up to do one colour printing.

Eager to be getting on, everyone began drawing on their tiles, some with quite simple, but strong lines, others more ambitious with their detail. Whichever way though, the reductive method required people to think constructively about which parts they would be cutting away to start with. Of course, the inked areas are those which have not been removed, where you have cut the tile away you are left with the paper surface colour.

The inking up began in earnest, and before long all rollers were being put to good use! With excellent results and what’s more, drying was quick so much to Alexandra’s surprise several layers of ink were applied by most. Masterpieces all.

Filled with enthusiasm and enjoying the vibrant colours and works produced, many started creating artworks using up the inked up acertates and much magic was achieved when people started combining their work, it was truly inspirational.


Image 11

“My work improved by our work”Print

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